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At Oshihana we believe in cannabis’ immense therapeutic potential, especially when it comes to helping people Have Better Sex.


Rooted in science, our products are thoughtfully formulated to optimize sexual wellness and recovery.

have better sex



Oshihana’s Salve includes a powerful formulation of botanicals, terpenes, and cannabis designed to penetrate deep into the skin. Our salve works as a vasodilator to bring oxygen and enhanced sensation where applied.  The 1:1 THC:CBD ratio optimizes engagement of cannabinoid receptors to promote faster healing and relief, and better sex. 

 retail:  $ 55   

 wholesale:  $ 22   

 master pack (8):  176

sex oil

Formulated with a high concentration of THC and supportive botanicals to increase pleasure during sex while decreasing pain and inflammation.


When applied to mucous membranes, THC helps improve blood flow, heighten sensation and increase pleasure by engaging with receptors in the skin and mucous membranes.

 retail:  $ 50 

 wholesale:  $ 21

 master pack (8):  168

Oshihana’s Soak is designed to enhance relaxation by melting away stress, pain, and inflammation. This formula contains botanicals that support an optimal 2:1 THC:CBD ratio to enhance pleasure, reduce tension, and encourage muscle motility.

bath soak

 retail:  $ 20   

 wholesale:  $ 8   

 master pack (8):  64