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sex oil

bath soak

We believe that the key to sexual wellness and recovery grows in the ground we walk on. Through research and testing, we have developed plant-based products that improve intimacy, connection, self exploration and your all-over quality of life. Oshihana strives to create premium cannabis topicals that will boost your daily self-care regimen. 

Oshihana creates products that inspire intimacy. Our plant-derived skincare line combines high quality cannabis oil with certified organic ingredients to promote sexual wellness and recovery with a minimalist approach.


We never use parabens, sulfates, emulsifiers, fragrance, GMOs, phthalates,petroleum and silicone. All Oshihana products are gentle enough for all body types.


OSHIHANA’s multi-use salve is made from a combination of CO2 extracted cannabis oil and certified organic ingredients that can alleviate pain and discomfort, while stimulating your senses and inspiring intimacy. 


When suffering from irritation, apply a dime sized amount to the affected area with clean hands, or use our salve as part of your daily regimen to help maintain a healthy pH balance.







Let go of your inhibitions and explore. Oshihana sex oil is made from high quality, C02-extracted cannabis. Ignite intimacy the right way. Have better sex.


Apply three to five generous pumps of Oshihana sex oil before sex or use it daily for a sexy kick. Our sex oil is not compatible with latex,  so please use precaution with latex condoms and adult toys.


enjoy Oshihana together

or alone

Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, or just need to unwind after a long day, Oshihana Bath Soak will help you relax and rejuvenate.


Made from a combination of C02-extracted cannabis oil and certified-organic ingredients, such as Cedar Wood and Ancient Sea Salt, this detoxifying bath soak will leave you feeling your best again. Intimacy the right way. Have better sex.


Add 1/2 of a cup of Oshihana Bath Soak into a warm bath and relax. It’s that simple. Enjoy by yourself or with a partner.  Our bath soak is a mix of all-natural ingredients each with its own unique healing properties. Epsom salt helps detoxify and hydrate, Cedar Wood soothes, while Oregon Grape is naturally anti-microbial. A calming aphrodisiac bath for deeper connections.


We are working hard to ensure that everyone has access to our products. Please follow our Instagram for updates on our upcoming product launch and other important Oshihana news.